As a composer Max Murray has collaborated with musicians and ensembles including the ELISION Ensemble [Melbourne], Noa Frenkel [Den Haag], RAGE THORMBONES [New York/L.A.], Kevin McFarland [Colorado], Liam Hockley [Vancouver], Annie Gårlid+Matthew Conley+Nathan Plante [Berlin], and Madison Greenstone [San Diego], among others, with works appearing in contexts such as the Gare du Nord «Dialog» [Basel], Klangwerkstatt [Berlin], and HaTeiva [Tel-Aviv]. 

Current projects include an evening-length music theatre piece for performers Samuel Stoll [Berlin], Noëlle-Anne Darbellay [Bern], and Richard Craig [Bangor] to be premiered in spring 2020, and a solo work for violinist Christopher Otto [New York].

Since 2016 he has been conductor of Harvard University's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences' Symphony Orchestra, and has directed a Bach cantata series in collaboration with the Harvard Art Museums:

A recent recording project with musician Weston Olencki can be heard here





  • For that which befalleth the sons of men befallth beasts - as the one dieth, so dieth the other / piccolo, English horn, fixed media — 2015

  • They were born with Thee / solo performer [natural horn], fixed media — 2017

  • Ajax / piccolo solo, fixed media — 2017


  • I / cello solo, electronics — 2018

  • II / violin, viola, two cellos — 2018

  • III / string orchestra — 2018

Ad Marginem

  • Sötétség ad Meridiem / Eb clarinet, oboe, fixed media — 2019

  • Ad Marginem des Versuchs / bass clarinet solo, fixed media — 2015

For Brass

  • Hlimman - Beneath the Earth / two trombones, electronics — 2017

  • Szene nach Aktion / alto, two piccolo trumpets, fixed media — 2014


  • Állatvanbent - Under the Head / Bb clarinet, violin, viola, cello, electronics — 2016

  • Gaddis' Grin / two performers [violin], fixed media — 2014

  • Graben des Meridians / English horn, bass clarinet, timpani, cello, double-bass — 2013

  • Zweiter Versuch über Homo Sacer / alto flute, bass clarinet, one percussionist — 2011

  • Mit Wechselndem Schlüssel / Bb clarinet, two acoustic guitars, two percussionists — 2010

  • Erster Versuch über Homo Sacer / Bb clarinet, violin, viola, cello — 2008

  • Praha / flute, violin, cello — 2007